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These materials and resources are provided to individuals who:

  1. have been, or will be, trained on the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI),
  2. are interested in the possibility of using the BEVI for one or more purposes,
  3. have read the BEVI Manual,
  4. have watched the brief (7-minute) video on the BEVI.

You may need to share aspects of this information (e.g., publications, documents, videos) with individuals who need to know more about the BEVI and our work as a global community of educators, scholars, students, practitioners, and leaders. In so doing, please use good judgment in full recognition that:

  1. access to and usage of the BEVI requires sufficient understanding of this measure and its usage guidelines and procedures,
  2. unless already available (e.g., as a publication) or approved for public access by the BEVI Team (e.g., as a publicly accessible video), these materials and resources should not be distributed further (e.g. beyond individuals you authorize, posted on the Internet, etc.),
  3. your username and password are unique to you and should not be shared with anyone else.

If you have any questions, please contact the BEVI Team. Thank you for your interest in the BEVI!

The Equilintegration or EI Self is a pictographic representation of Equilintegration or EI Theory. Taken together, EI Theory and the EI Self comprise the EI Model, which is the theoretical frameworking underlying the BEVI.

For more information, please see:
2) The EI Self: Real World Implications and Applications of EI Theory (Chapter 2 from Making Sense of Beliefs and Values, 2016).

In the Beviverse™, the EI Self™ is populated by actual data from the BEVI (i.e., BEVI scale scores from an individual, a couple, a group, etc.). Through this Virtual Reality (VR) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, individuals who are have taken the BEVI are able to explore their own “self” and (with permission) other selves by confidential sessions with the BEVI Team (e.g., through coaching) and/or by engaging Being Bevi™, the entity that lives within the Beviverse.

The below video provides an example of an EI Self living in the Beviverse.

The BEVI has been featured in a wide range of publications and presentations in the U.S. and internationally and has been selected for a number of grant-based initiatives.  For example, the 2016 publication with Springer Publishing — Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: Theory, Research, and Practice — includes 16 different chapters covering a wide range of topics related to the BEVI.  Please see below for a sampling of BEVI publications.   

BEVI Workshops for IBAVI

The following four, two-hour BEVI Training Workshops were conducted for individuals, institutions, and organizations affiliated with the non-profit International Beliefs and Values Institute or IBAVI (  Below, you’ll find a link to the video of each workshop along with some of the questions and topics that were addressed during each workshop.  As with all materials in the Admin section of, please do not share these videos with anyone who is not authorized to review them.

Workshop I: BEVI Overview

  • What is the BEVI and how was it developed?
  •  What is meant by “Equilintegration” or EI Theory?
  • What are some examples of BEVI scales, findings, and applications?
  • What is the “virtual reality” version of the BEVI (the “Beviverse”)?   

Zoom Link (Passcode: R7t*7&S@)

Workshop II: BEVI Usage

  • How is the BEVI used?
  • What can you do with BEVI data?
  • What is the BEVI’s report system?
  • What can you do with the BEVI’s report / VR system?

Zoom Link (Passcode: j#Kn3vaA)

Workshop III: BEVI Interpretation

  • How do you analyze BEVI results?
  • How do you understand different indexes on the BEVI?
  • What is the purpose of different types of reports?
  • How do you apply findings / the VR system to specific needs (e.g., individual, group, institutional)? 

Zoom Link (Passcode: Y36zqw?X)


Workshop IV: COIL and BEVI

  • What is Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)?
  • How do you COIL and what are some examples?
  • How is the BEVI used with COIL?
  • What are we learning from the COIL BEVI Project?

Zoom Link (Passcode: 3.Q2Ge^h)


IBAVI Global – Aurora Alliance: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced BEVI Training Workshop




The IBAVI Global Assessment Committee partnered with the Aurora Alliance BEVI Committee to offer three types of BEVI Training Workshops: 1) Basic, 2) Intermediate, and 3) Advanced.

Basic BEVI Training is designed for individuals who are new to the BEVI, and essentially consists of two parts: 1) a self-paced review of workshops from previously recorded webinars and related materials [see the above four workshops under “BEVI Workshops for IBAVI”] as well as 2) participation in a live Q&A session. Intermediate BEVI Training goes into more depth on the workings of the BEVI as well as the meaning and interactions among BEVI scales. Advanced BEVI Training is designed for individuals who have completed both Basic and Intermediate BEVI Training, and includes in depth group work and expert advice on the interpretation of the BEVI reports.

Below, you’ll find video and PowerPoint links for specific components of these training workshops. As with all materials in the Admin section of, please do not share with anyone who is not authorized to review them.

IBAVI Global Assessment Committee

Jerry Burgess, Psy.D., Salomon’s Institute, UK
Shagufa Kadapdia, Ph.D., Baroda University, India
Hajime Nishitani, J.D., Hiroshima University, Japan
Craig Shealy, Ph.D., Western Washington University, USA
John Style, Ph.D., Unviersitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Aurora Alliance BEVI Committee

Gudrun Geirsdottir, Ph.D., University of Iceland, ISL
Kees Kouwenaar, M.A., Vrije Universiteit, NL
Christina Raab, Mgr., University of Innsbruck, Austria
Marketa Semberova, Ph.D., Palacky University, Czech Rep.
John Style, Ph.D., Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain

IBAVI Global – Aurora Alliance: Basic BEVI Training

IBAVI Global – Aurora Alliance BEVI Training Workshops

Workshop Powerpoint

Workshop Zoom Link (Passcode: ih23^*H!)

Individuals who have completed required training on the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory or BEVI are able to access and print their Certificate of BEVI Training and are authorized to indicate that they are Certified on the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory. This certificate indicates that the individual listed on the certificate:

  1. has completed all required workshops (live or online),
  2. has read / watched all required materials and videos,
  3. agrees to comply with all usage agreements and guidelines regarding the BEVI and its report system, and
  4. will consult as needed and appropriate with one or more individuals authorized by the BEVI to supervise the administration, usage, and interpretation of the BEVI and its report system.

If you agree to the above four criteria, please click on the below Certificate of BEVI Training, where you will be asked to provide your first and last name.

Thank you for your interest in the BEVI. The BEVI Team looks forward to working with you!


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