The Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI)


People around the world deal with all types of complexity, from finding and keeping significant relationships, to establishing a business and navigating the workplace, to pursuing meaning and purpose in life.


Taking the BEVI provides insight into who we are, why we do what we do, and how we can make things better in our relationships, work, and life.


About The BEVI

What is the BEVI?


The Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory or BEVI is an accessible, adaptable, and powerful analytic tool that may be used across multiple populations and settings – from education and research to leadership and mental health – to evaluate, understand, and facilitate processes and outcomes of learning, growth, and transformation.

The BEVI items – they make you think; they make you feel. It’s gripping in that way. It’s not superficial at all.

Dr. William Hanson

Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

BEVI-Based Coaching, Consulting, and Counseling™

If you are experiencing challenges in your work, relationships, or life that are hard to handle, you are not alone.

These days, millions of people all over the world are struggling to cope with all manner of complexities, from finding and keeping significant relationships to establishing a business or navigating the workplace to pursuing meaning and purpose in life. The BEVI Team understands these challenges. As certified coaches, experienced consultants, and licensed clinicians, we have the expertise and connections to help you find the best way forward for you.

Check out BEVI-AI and meet “Being BEVI”

To learn more about the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI), its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems, and its many applications around the world, please see the following article in Research Features.


Who can benefit from the BEVI?

Leadership & Organizations

Mental Health & Wellness

Education & Learning

Research & Assessment