Research & Assessment

The BEVI is a state-of-the-art instrument that is reliable and valid for a wide array of contexts.  It has been used in research as the primary tool of investigation as well as a complementary tool in conjunction with other instruments.  The BEVI also includes qualitative and quantitative items, making it a useful tool for mixed methods approaches. This instrument may be just the tool you have been searching for if you are:

  • a faculty or staff member who publishes scholarship of teaching, learning, and training
  • a graduate student interested in using the BEVI for thesis or dissertation research
  • an organization that wants to disseminate assessment or program evaluation findings
  • a program evaluation consultant interested in adding the BEVI to your toolbox
  • an entity willing to participate in large-scale multi-institution meta-analyses (see the Forum BEVI project as an example)

See Resources in the top menu for sample publications on BEVI data, or contact us for more information using the Contact link.

I think [the BEVI] can be used in many ways if you are looking to understand learning or looking for transformation and the ability to document it. The BEVI has particularly strong psychometrics… which gives me a lot of comfort in its use.

Dr. Libby Nutt-Williams

Professor, St. Mary’s College, Maryland

Just taking it changes you.  The items, the questions, they make you think, they make you feel.  It’s gripping in that way.  It’s not superficial at all, which as an academic psychologist, I really appreciate. 

William E. Hanson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Counseling Psychology, University of Alberta