Education & Learning

Analytical Applications

Our skilled and experienced consultants are available to provide as much support as groups, systems, organizations, or institutions need to successfully envision, design, and deliver analytical projects.

[The BEVI gave] us a really good indication of how well we had been able to meet our learning objectives, how much our students had gone through.  

Sharon Seto, M.B.A.

Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction, Winterline Global Education

Pedagogical Applications

The BEVI can help institutions engage individuals and groups in transformative learning and professional development. BEVI narrative reports of results for individuals provide gentle yet effective language to prompt personal reflection, and debriefing of aggregate, decile, and subgroup results promotes dialogue.

I’ve found the BEVI a most useful tool for evaluating the impact of youth leadership development programs. This is an area that is hard to measure any progress in the short or medium term in an age where funders and sponsors want quantitative data and results.

Christopher Shirley

Director, Center for Intercultural Education and Development, Georgetown University, Washington, DC