The BEVI is currently available for online administration in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Catalan. The Chinese and German versions are also in development.

Contact Us via the link in the top menu if you have additional questions about BEVI usage or training fees. Note that reduced fees may available for non-profit organizations, researchers, and students.

Though it’s a predominately quantitative test, it has three open-ended qualitative items. And that allows people to further share their experiences and their stories. And when you mix the quantitative data and the qualitative data, it enriches the results and ultimately leads to understanding them better. Dr. William Hanson, Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Canada

The BEVI is in its third iteration, BEVI 3.0, as of the fall of 2018. This latest version includes updated norms(over 10,000 data from 143 countries) and a variety of new administrative options. In the below comparison between previous and current versions of the BEVI, you will find a list of new features included in BEVI 3.0 as well as an updated price list.

BEVI Version 3 Feature Comparison

Feature Version 2 Version 3
Automated Individual Narrative Reports to Participant (Time 1) Yes Your organization decides
Automated Individual Change Reports to Participant (Time 2) No Coming soon
Automated Reminders to Complete the BEVI No Yes
Tiered Access System of Many Administrators in One Institution No Yes
Assessment Design and Analysis Consultations No Available for $200/hour
Group Reporting Features
Time 1 Profiles Yes Yes
Time 1/Time 2 Comparisons Yes Yes
Time 1/Time 2/Time 3 Comparisons No Yes
Subgroup Comparisons Yes Yes
Engaged Learning Index No Coming soon
Group Reports Available Additional fees applied, By request Unlimited, On-demand
Pedagogical Recommendations No Yes
Updated norms No Yes
Demographic Items
Universal Items for International Benchmarking No Yes
Items can be Hidden from Participants Additional fees applied Yes
Questions can be Added No Available for $200/question
Multiple Groups within an Institution’s Data Participant write-in Drop down menu selection


BEVI Version 3 Pricing System*

Number of BEVI Administrations per Year  Annual Licensing Fee**
1-200 $1,000
201-1000 $3,000
1001-2000 $5,000
2001-5000 $7,000
Unlimited $10,000

* Small non-profit organizations and students should contact a BEVI representative for pricing

** %10 discount for institutions that sign a 3-year contract (licensing fee billed in annual installments)

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Product Inquiry Form


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