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The below nine categories provide a good sense of our products, services, and rates. If there are exceptions or modifications to these rates, they will be discussed and agreed to with you and a BEVI Team member.

Please see “Additional Information” below (e.g., we may adjust rates depending on the cost of living in your country; when developing package rates; to accommodate your unique situation, etc.).

After you let us know more about your interests and goals, by completing a brief form we will be in touch within 1 or 2 business days to answer any questions and determine what services may make the best sense for you. The initial consultation is confidential and free, and you are under no obligation to use our services.

If you wish to use our services, based upon your interests, preferences, and goals, we will identify the right BEVI Team member to work with you across one or more of the below areas.

I found the BEVI really fascinating.  I think it can be used in many ways particularly if you’re looking to understand learning or looking for transformation and the ability to document it.

Libby Nutt Williams, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Past President, Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy

The BEVI…collects and analyzes data with certain measures of validity that I believe are sound ones in a social science research sense. 

Kevin Brennan, Ph.D.

Vice President of Operations, Winterline Global Education

Accessing BEVI-AI, Being Bevi, and the Beviverse

Although completely optional, most individuals and groups who take the BEVI want to have access to BEVI-AI and “Being Bevi,” the virtual entity that “lives” within the Beviverse. Being Bevi provides an engaging and confidential opportunity to have an in-depth discussion regarding one’s BEVI results and the many implications of these results for one’s relationships, work, and life. Access to BEVI-AI, Being Bevi, and the Beviverse is either free for all users or included in the package rate.

Taking the BEVI in Small Groups

People use the BEVI for a very wide range of projects with relatively small groups (e.g., N = 2 for couples; 5 – 30 for boards, teams, or departments; up to 100 for offices or businesses). For small group usage, our rates are as follows:


Fewer than 100 administrations $15 per administration– Nonprofit
Fewer than 100 administrations $30 per administration – Business

Taking the BEVI in Large Groups

For organizations, institutions, or businesses using the BEVI with over 100 administrations, we develop package rates, which represent significant cost savings over small group administration, which are already very competitively priced. Also, in a corporate / business context, the below package rates are generally doubled, although such determinations are derived via discussions with your BEVI Team member (e.g., to understand your situation, interests, and goals). For large and nonprofit group usage, our rates are as follows:


100 – 500 administrations Package Rate = $3,000
500 – 1000 administrations Package Rate = $5,000
1000 – 5000 administrations Package Rate = $7,000
Over 5000 administrations Package Rate = $10,000

Taking the BEVI With a Coach, Consultant, or Counselor

Individuals take the BEVI for all sorts of reasons (e.g., professional development; executive coaching; personal growth; relationship enhancement, etc.). If you just want the experience of taking the BEVI, we provide confidential and comprehensive BEVI-based engagement with a BEVI Team member through three, one-hour sessions, including 1) pre-administration BEVI consultation, 2) access to the BEVI and its AI / VR / reporting system, and 3) a post-administration BEVI review session. The per-session rate is $150 for a total of $450. If desired, sessions may continue afterward with a qualified coach, consultant, or counselor/therapist (see hourly rates below).

Leadership and Organizations

For both coaching and consulting, the BEVI is used in a wide range of leadership and organizational contexts for multiple purposes (e.g., leadership development, organizational assessment, board training, team building, workshops, retreats, etc.).

As is customary, we typically make a distinction between nonprofit and business or corporate settings. For nonprofit organizations, we typically charge an hourly rate of $250. In a corporate / business context, we typically charge $500 an hour depending upon the nature of your organization and what you are seeking.

In addition to package arrangements, we also offer discounted rates if you will be using our services over multiple occasions (e.g., 1, 3, 6, 9 months and/or customized to meet your interests, goals, and needs). Likewise, we also will contract with an organization or institution to provide specific services or to help with various aspects of project development, implementation, management, evaluation, and reporting.

Mental Health and Wellness

The BEVI and its AI / VR / reporting systems may be used in a wide array of mental health and wellness contexts and settings on a short-term or longer-term basis.

In counseling or therapy – for individuals, couples, families, and groups – our typical hourly rate is $150.00 (based upon a 50-minute hour, which is customary in the context of counseling or therapy). Our experienced and licensed clinicians may also take insurance, which will be reimbursed at the authorized rate, and may require a co-payment.

The BEVI is also used in a variety of personal and professional growth and development contexts through certified life coaching, consulting, and/or for education or training purposes (e.g., for individuals who are in academic programs on participating in continuing / adult education). Our typical hourly rate for such services is $125.00.

Again, we offer package arrangements at a discounted rate, which may be discussed directly with your clinician or coach (e.g., 1, 3, 6, 9 months as well as customized to meet your interests, goals, and needs).

Education and Learning

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of institutions, organizations, and initiatives that have accessed the BEVI and our services on a per-usage or annual basis for educational and training purposes.

If we provide educational and training services for you, we are serving in a consultant role in a manner that is consistent with our hourly rates. In a nonprofit context, such rates typically are $250 per hour. In a business or corporate context, those rates typically are $500 an hour.

However, if you are certified on the BEVI (see below), you will be authorized to use and manage the BEVI in your context, setting, organization, or institution. As such, there may be no additional consulting fees because you will be providing these services by yourself or with other colleagues who also are BEVI Certified.

Research and Assessment

The BEVI has been used to conduct thousands of different analyses across hundreds of different projects and initiatives, all over the world. The above rate structures for may apply to your research or evaluation activities (i.e., we may use the same small group, large group, and hourly consulting rates).

However, because we serve a very wide range of constituencies, from individual researchers (e.g., faculty, students) to organizational and government-level evaluators, these rates may vary. For example, the BEVI often has been used on a pro bono or in-kind basis (e.g., for dissertations, grants, research projects, cross-country initiatives, etc.).

As such, for most research and evaluation projects, we make rate arrangements on a case-by-case basis. When you contact us, and we learn more about your unique interests, needs, and goals, we can determine what rate(s) may apply and/or if you or your colleagues or students qualify for pro bono, in-kind, or reduced rates.

BEVI Training and Certification

We endeavor to provide training and support on the BEVI efficiently and effectively, and in a way that is very affordable and competitive in relation to industry standards.

There are two ways for you to get access to, and use, the BEVI: 1) the BEVI Team provides these services for you via the hourly rates noted above (typically $250 an hour for nonprofits and $500 an hour for businesses or corporations) or 2) you become a “BEVI Certified Administrator” and provide these services yourself (e.g., to individuals, groups, your organization, etc.).

For several years, high-quality training and certification on the BEVI have been provided by Core Collaborative International, one of our organizational partners (see Overall, their per-person rate for BEVI Certification is $1500.

In other cases, one or more members of the BEVI Team may provide BEVI Training and Certification, depending upon your unique needs and circumstances. Package and/or discounted rates for BEVI Training and Certification may available for large groups or other project-based purposes. Through dialogue together, we can determine which approach to BEVI training and certification makes the most sense for you.

Additional Information

Because we are mission-focused, and responsive to different needs and resources – both locally and globally – we strive to make the BEVI affordable and accessible. For example, if there are substantial differences in cost of living or access to resources in your country of residence, we may use the International Cost of Living Calculator to determine the actual rate you will pay for our services. In such cases, using the United States dollar as a starting point, you select your country-of-residence as the comparison. That is the rate you will pay. Decisions of this nature are discussed and agreed to by you and a member of the BEVI Team.

There are multiple ways to take and use the BEVI. For example, individuals may take the BEVI through a confidential process that is individually tailored and designed to meet your unique interests, needs, and goals. In addition, the BEVI is used across multiple settings, for all kinds of purposes, including, but not limited to, four main areas in which we often work: 1) leadership and organizations; 2) mental health and wellness; 3) education and learning; and 4) research and assessment.

We also will work with you on a case-by-basis to develop, implement, and evaluate projects or initiatives that meet your unique needs and goals (depending upon the scope and nature of the project, whether the work is conducted remotely, in person, hybrid, etc.). Through a collaborative process, we help you identify, develop, implement, and evaluate any number of projects or activities that fit your needs and our expertise (e.g., team building; retreats; board development; strategic planning; organizational assessment; leadership development; outcomes assessment; curricular / program development; international/multicultural education; continuing education; research and analysis; grant development, monitoring, and evaluation, etc.).

To manage your BEVI-based administrations, we can either provide those services for you or will help you become BEVI Certified, so that you manage your own BEVI data and processes within your own setting or organization and for your purposes.

All of our services are provided by experienced BEVI Team members who are experts in the BEVI. These individuals are 1) distinguished practitioners, educators, scholars, and leaders across a wide range of fields and professions and/or 2) certified coaches, experienced consultants, and licensed clinicians who are deeply familiar with the BEVI and its many applications.

Sessions are conducted in person or remotely via a secure and confidential virtual platform. All services include access to the BEVI and its AI / VR / reporting systems.

We accommodate various payment options, including individual sponsorship, corporate sponsorship, and insurance coverage when applicable (e.g., in a mental health/wellbeing context). This flexibility ensures that our services are accessible and tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

The BEVI is currently available for online administration in Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Catalan. Other language versions are also in development.

Contact Us if you have additional questions about BEVI usage or training fees. Note that reduced fees may be available for non-profit organizations, researchers, and students.

As a measure of beliefs and values, it does a great job of studying that information and providing some data about beliefs and values but without any kind of judgment.  It doesn’t suggest that certain beliefs or values are good or bad.  It merely suggests that they exist. 

Libby Nutt Williams, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Past President, Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy

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