There have been over 150,000 administrations of the BEVI around the world.  Here, we describe what makes us unique as well as the many reasons people choose the BEVI.

We are innovative.

We have access to the Beliefs, Events, and Values Inventory (BEVI) and its AI / VR / reporting systems, which have been in development for over 30 years and have been successfully used to evaluate and facilitate change across many different countries, cultures, and contexts.    

We are global.

We meet you wherever you are.  Our diverse team is comprised of international experts who are located all over the world.  If we can’t provide the services you need, we know highly qualified associates who can. 

We are experts.

Our team consists of certified life and executive coaches, experienced consultants, and licensed counselors and therapists who are carefully selected and well-qualified to provide the services we offer. 

We are evidence-based.

We don’t just talk about what we do.  We offer actionable data that you can use in the real world to identify goals, develop interventions, advance objectives, and evaluate results. 

We are responsive.

Mindful of your unique needs, our services are competitively priced based on your realities on the ground.  Informed by Purchasing Power Parity exchange rates, or PPPs, we use the International Cost of Living Calculator to determine the rate you will pay for our services in your country. 

In addition to these unique features of the BEVI, individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions choose the BEVI because it is highly credible, useful, flexible, comprehensive, and accessible. Specifically, here are some of the main reasons people select the BEVI:

  • affordable rates that are competitively priced;
  • the innovative, individually tailored, and interactive nature of the BEVI-AI system;
  • the opportunity to engage “Being Bevi” and go into the Beviverse, an experience that users have described in many ways, such as “fascinating,” “insightful,” “very helpful,” and “a lot of fun”;
  • meaningful opportunities to talk in-depth with thoughtful, skilled, experienced, and caring coaches, consultants, counselors, and therapists;
  • goes far beyond surface-level observations to get at what is real / what matters most to make things better in one’s relationships, work, and life;
  • a rich and accessible array of reporting options;
  • web-based infrastructure that is secure, well-developed, and field-tested;
  • the ability to manage your data if you wish to do so;
  • highly sophisticated and targeted analytic capacity;
  • the BEVI’s very strong foundation, derived from over 30 years of theory, research, and practice, and over 150,000 administrations around the world;
  • international norms based upon over 10,000 individuals representing over 100 countries;
  • the comprehensive and high-quality nature of our services;
  • our local capacity and global reach;
  • multiple language options;
  • the ability to integrate other assessment instruments, include additional data, and adapt analysis and measurement approaches to meet different needs and goals;
  • strong evidence of ecological validity (e.g., real-world usefulness) across very diverse populations; and, the comprehensive and mixed methods nature of the BEVI itself, which can be used flexibly across a myriad of settings, contexts, and applications.