BEVI Workshops

BEVI Certification

In order to ensure compliance with relevant guidelines and best practices, the processes for administering the BEVI as well as managing and interpreting BEVI data and reports must be supervised by an appropriately trained and BEVI Certified Administrator. Certification may be obtained by the successful completion of a workshop on the BEVI, which depending upon the degree of pre-workshop preparation, may be completed in 3 - 6 hours, and conducted either 1) on-site at your institution or organization, 2) via a distance education format (e.g., webinar), or 3) at a specified workshop location. Successful completion of the workshop results in BEVI Certification, which allows the certificate holder to supervise the administration of the BEVI within their institution or organization according to the guidelines that are provided in the workshop.

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BEVI Certification Workshops

Among other topics, BEVI Workshops provide in depth training in key elements of the BEVI, including:

  1. Introduction to the BEVI
  2. Understanding the BEVI
  3. Administration Guidelines and Procedures
  4. Interpreting Scores
  5. Using Reports
  6. BEVI Applications (these may be tailored to accommodate specific needs and interests)
    • Teaching
    • Research
    • Program Evaluation
    • Student Development
    • Personal Growth
    • Self / Group Assessment
    • Team Building
    • Leadership Development
    • Organizational Assessment
    • Organizational Development

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BEVI Certification Materials

All participants in BEVI Workshops receive the most recent edition of the BEVI Test Manual, sample reports, and certification of completion, which is valid for five years, provided that administrators remain current on the most recent changes to the BEVI system (i.e., recertification is required in any case after five years).

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BEVI Certification and Usage Rates

Committed to affordability, the BEVI fee structure is designed to maximize access to this innovative measure. Rates associated with the BEVI include 1) certification and 2) usage, and are as follows:

  1. BEVI Certification

    Before an institution or organization may access, administer, and work with BEVI data and reports, at least one authorized representative must successfully complete a BEVI Certification Workshop. BEVI Certification is necessary to ensure that the BEVI is used in an appropriate manner. The typical rate for such certification is $1000 for up to 15 trainees, plus coverage of travel expenses. A reduced rate may be available for small institutions or organizations. Training either occurs 1) on-site at your institution or organization, 2) via a distance education format (e.g., webinar), or 3) at a specified workshop location.
  2. BEVI Usage

  3. To streamline this process, maximize affordability, and enhance accessibility, the BEVI is licensed to institutions and organizations for usage on an annual basis. Based upon institutional or organization size (e.g., student enrollment for colleges / universities; number of employees for organizations), rates are as follows:

    Student Enrollment OR Numbers of Staff OR Numbers of Group / Organizational Reports Annual Usage Rate
    1000 or less 10 or less 1 - 2 $500
    1,001 - 5,000 11 - 25 3 - 4 $1,000
    5,001 - 10,000 26 - 50 5 - 6 $1,500
    10,001 – 20-000 51 - 100 7 - 10 $2,000
    Over 20,000 Over 100 11 - 15 $3,000

    Subject to applicable requirements (e.g., IRB, usage license), “Basic Usage” allows for raw data to be transferred to BEVI Certified representatives at participating institutions and organizations as well as a minimum of one “group report” or “organizational report” on an annual basis. The rate for additional group / organizational reports (e.g., to assess specific programs, processes, courses, or experiences) is $100 per report. The rate for individual reports (e.g., for students, staff) is $2.00 per report. The rate for on-site training sessions (e.g., with students, faculty, staff, leadership) is $1,000 per day (plus travel) and includes an individualized report for each participant as well as the group report, which is used for discussion purposes. Customized analyses also are available. For more information about certification or usage rates, reports, data access, training processes, or other aspects of this process, please contact us directly from out contact page Contact Page.

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